Andrew Teich

Avid tinkerer, travel lover, and 3D printing enthusiast.

iOS & Mac Apps


Discover financial ties between politicians and organizations

  • Scan news articles from within Safari for organizations and politicians
  • See how much money was donated between the found organizations and representatives
  • View representatives' top donors by individual, industry, and sector


Objective-C, JavaScript, JSON


Sunlight Influence Explorer and Transparency Data, Readability

Ashanti Braveheart

The official
Ashanti application

  • Preview, listen, and download her entire Braveheart album
  • View exclusive photos and videos
  • The Braveheart app is the only place to get each song's official lyrics
  • Stay connected with Ashanti and her tour schedule


Objective-C, HTML, XML, JSON


iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Scringo

Bored Nevermore

Always have something to do with over 1,000 unique and fun activities to choose from

  • Customize your experience by choosing the strenuousness of the activities and the number of friends participating, to the limit on what you are willing to spend
  • Activities are automatically further tailored to you based on the weather, time of day, and season at your current location


Objective-C, SQLite, JSON


Facebook, Twitter, Scringo


Distribute Computing Power to the Projects You Care About

  • Users to donate their computing power to projects of their choosing through our Mac OSX app
  • Researchers use donated computing power free of charge


Objective-C, C, Bash, JSON, Vagrant


Custom API on a Node.js server

Web Development

My Congress

An interactive tool to connect, understand, and interpret data surrounding your local congressmen


AngularJS, Sunlight and Transparency Data APIs, HTML, CSS

The Clock Cycle

Marketing website and book cover design for the novel
The Clock Cycle


Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Hydro Hut

An ecommerce site for hydroponics equipment that forwards orders from customers to wholesalers automatically


OpenCart, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS

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